Mouth Guards

Life can be tough on your smile and there is no end of things that can damage it. To prevent that damage, our dentists and the team at Spring Dental offer mouth guards in North Quincy, Massachusetts. To have Dr. Gursimran Sidhu or Dr. Ansh Desai create one customized for your smile, call our office at 617-328-0790 to plan your visit.

At our office we offer two types of mouthguards: night guards and sports mouth guards. While they are similar, they each serve two different purposes.

Night guards may be the answer to your problem if you suffer from bruxism. Bruxism refers to grinding or clenching your teeth, either subconsciously while awake or as you sleep. This problem has been known to go away on its own, especially in children, but if it does not, your teeth could be at risk for damage. Bruxism can also lead to headaches and neck, back and shoulder pain, and over time, it can affect the alignment of your smile. A night guard provides a barrier or cushion to stop your teeth from grinding against one another and prevent problems.

Sports mouth guards also protect your smile. They are designed to prevent damage to your teeth if you suffer a trauma to your mouth or head. Most people associate sports guards with football, lacrosse or boxing, but the fact is, you should wear a mouth guard for any activity that could put your smile at risk. If you have braces, a sports mouth guard is a must to keep your dental work safe. Even if you already have a mouthguard, it is a smart idea to have a new one made at the start of every sports season.