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What is Dental Filling & Types of Filling?

Sep 06, 2022
What is Dental Filling & Types of Filling?

Brushing and flossing regularly are essential, and sugary snacks are not recommended, yet sometimes tooth decay is unavoidable. As the name suggests, dental fillings seal up holes created in your tooth by decay-causing bacteria. A dentist performs this procedure on a regular basis. Keep reading the article to find out more about dental filing and book right away the best dentists in Quincy for your next appointment if you need one.

Dental Filling: Overview

A dental filling is a type of filling placed inside of the tooth to repair or restore it with metal, plastic, glass, or other materials. Your dentist may use fillings to repair cracked or broken teeth and teeth that have been worn down due to misuse (such as nail-biting or tooth-grinding). Fillings are also used to repair teeth that are decayed or worn down due to decay.

If left untreated, the decay would spread deeper inside your tooth, making it more challenging to treat. A toothache would result once this substance reached the pulp tissue (nerves) of the root canal. Depending on where and how much decay there is, the cost of the filling and your dentist’s advice determine the filling to use.

Types Of Filling

Before booking an appointment with a dentist, you might have searched dental filling-related questions and found many answers. But even when you find the best dentist, selecting an ideal filling material is next hard.

If you need a filling in your mouth, the extent of the repair, your allergies, the place in your mouth where the filling needs to go, as well as the cost will determine what’s right for you. You should take the following considerations into account with different materials:

  1. Gold: The most popular filling material is gold because it has high biocompatibility, can last for many years and is relatively inexpensive. However, gold fillings are typically quite expensive, and the procedure may require more than one visit.
  2. Silver Filling: Fillings made of silver are inexpensive and wear-resistant, but their dark colour makes them more noticeable than composite or porcelain restorations. They aren’t usually used for patients with very visible teeth.
  3. Plastic Filling: This filling consists of mixed ingredients and is poured directly into cavities. Large fillings should not be filled with composite material as they may chip or wear after a short period of time. Generally, they last from three to ten years but can become stained from coffee, tea, or tobacco.
  4. Ceramic Filling: You should consider porcelain fillings if you love aesthetics. When decay is large enough, these cover most of the tooth and, therefore, can be used. There is no staining or wear-off with this long-lasting filling.

The only person who can detect a cavity is your dentist. During a dental checkup, your dentist examines the surfaces of your teeth with a small mirror. The dentist will use a unique instrument to examine anything abnormal and take X-rays of your mouth. Depending on the extent of decay, your dentist will choose an appropriate treatment.

So, just book an appointment with a dentist by doing a google search “dentists in Quincy” right away for a quick check up on whether you want a dental filling or not.


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