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Cone Beam Digital Scanning


Imaging technology plays an important role in helping our dentists locate potential dental issues and create your personalised treatment plan. At Spring Dental, we offer cone beam digital scanning in North Quincy, Massachusetts, to help Dr. Gursimran Sidhu and Dr. Ansh Desai gather more information about your dental health that may be available through dental X-rays. To learn more, call 617-328-0790 to schedule your appointment.

At our office, we are committed to utilising advanced dental technology to always provide you with the highest level of dental care. We are proud to utilise cone beam 3D imaging technology at our practice. Cone beam 3D technology is an imaging system that provides our dentists and team with a three-dimensional image reconstruction of your teeth, mouth, jaw, neck, ears, nose and throat. We may use dental cone beam 3D imaging to:

  • Plan dental implant placement
  • Evaluate the jaws and face
  • View the head and neck as a comprehensive whole
  • Diagnose tooth decay (cavities) and other dental problems
  • Detect endodontic problems and plan root canal therapy
  • Analyse dental and facial trauma
  • Plan and evaluate the progress of orthodontic treatment
  • Visualise abnormal teeth
  • Assess a TMJ disorder

Cone beam 3D imaging is effective for diagnosing and evaluating dental conditions, as well as planning treatments. One of the advantages of 3D cone beam technology is that it provides our dentists and team with a view of your mouth and supporting structures that is more comprehensive than that provided by digital X-rays. To learn more about cone beam 3D imaging and how it helps us provide you with exceptional care, we invite you to contact us today for the best dentist in Quincy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for cone-beam digital scanning?

The cone beam digital scanning itself is quick, typically taking only 10–20 seconds. However, patient positioning, planning, and imaging may require additional time, resulting in a total visit length of approximately 30 minutes.

Are there specific preparation requirements for the cone-beam digital scanning in Quincy?

Specific preparation of cone beam digital scanning in Quincy is usually not required. Patients are often asked to remove any metal objects or jewelry around the head and neck to not interfere with the scan.

Can cone-beam digital scanning detect hidden dental problems?

Yes, cone beam digital scanning can reveal hidden dental problems such as tooth loss, hidden infections, bone structure abnormalities, and lesions that can’t be seen on traditional dental X-rays

How often should the cone-beam digital scanning treatment be inspected?

The frequency of cone cone beam digital scanning treatment depends on the patient’s individual needs and treatment needs. Your dentist will schedule an appropriate follow-up appointment based on your specific situation.

Where can I find cone-beam digital scanning near me?

To find a cone beam digital scanning service near you, you can use keywords like “cone beam digital scanning near me” or “cone beam scanning in [your location]” Additionally, you can contact local dental clinics or imaging centers to inquire about their respective services.

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